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Paplus Games is an indie game developer from Poland with huge ambitions and passion. We want to create a memorable experience for each player. Our games are created especially for them. It’s not a job, it’s a hobby, it’s our life.

we are hiring!

If you are passionate about video games and you can talk many hours about them, you are already one of our favorites! If playing games isn’t enough for you and you can’t sleep because of passion and ambitions, work with us! We are looking for people that have heart for games; that want to create games instead only dreaming about it. We’re looking for self motivated people with problem solving skills.

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It’s not a job

it’s a hobby, it’s our life


Mateusz Mizak

Lead artist

Dawid Ignar


Aleksander Lusina

developer / writer

Jakub Konicki

Lead designer


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