Welcome to Ghosts of Memories official website! It’s a pleasure for us to introduce you to our new game. We hope that you will enjoy it!

Ghosts of Memories is an adventure game focused on puzzles and the experience of interacting with the surrounding environments. Each level is filled with riddles, which as you solve them, draw you closer to the levels goal. Most of the levels consist of two intertwined worlds, where actions in one world affect the other and certain spots on the map allow you to travel between the two worlds.

The game is shown from a 2.5D isometric perspective that combines the beauty of details and style of a 2D artwork approach with many of the functionalities of a 3D environment. From the very beginning, the game was designed for mobile devices, though we are planning a pc/mac port in the near future. Also the game is 100% violence free.

Ghosts of Memories is designed and produced by Paplus International.

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